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These boys were wild (as boys are!) but oh so very, very sweet! At the end of the session, as we were saying our goodbyes, the little guy hugged me and laid his head on my shoulder for a solid 5-10 minutes. He refused to let go until he realized mom and dad might be leaving him with me! Ha!

Until next time! xo

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These two handsome little dudes belong to my sister. These images were taken this past Fall for their holiday card. It’s always a bit crazy with 2 boys, especially because the little one hasn’t mastered the concept of sitting still for any period of time quite yet.;)He is, however, completely bribable with m+m’s (which can be seen in a couple of the images) and suckers. Whatever works, right? Big brother, Gavin, was SUCH a huge help this go round. I’ve had  a camera in his face for the majority of his almost 7 years so he knows the drill. Ha!  All joking aside, I love photographing them and these are some of my very favorites yet! I could just eat the two of them up!

Until next time. xo

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  • Jodi - Love, love, love ALL of these!!

This dude was awesome and so much fun! We had a blast exploring the location, hiding in the tall grass, using sticks as swords ( as boys do!) and chatting about Minecraft. His mom warned me beforehand that having his photo taken was not on his list of favorite things to do. Ha! I hope I made it a little less painful than he was expecting.;)I can’t wait until next time! xo

P.S. I realize this is my first blog post since November *hanging my head in shame* I am going to try so hard to be better about it this year. Hopefully this is a resolution that actually sticks unlike my healthy eating one. I just had hershey kisses for breakfast. I kid, I kid. There’s always tomorrow, right?!:)

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