Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Sweet Madeline

Meet 8-day-old Madeline. She was such a trooper during her newborn session and even let me get in a few cuddles with her (which, as we all know, is the best part of photographing newborns!). Big sister Lydia was full of energy and was pretty bummed that I didn’t come over that day just to play with her. Ha.  Definitely next time, Lydia!

Atlanta Family Photographer | One last visit to Tampa

This beautiful family, regularly seen on my blog, belongs to my good friend and fellow photographer, Deb.

Deb and I met back in 2006 while I was living in California attending photography school. Life got busy and we kind of lost touch, and then I moved back to Atlanta, making hanging out pretty impossible. So when they moved to Tampa, I was stoked!  I took full advantage of the relatively cheap and quick 1 hour flight and visited as much as I could during the 3 years they were there -always having loads of fun and always feeling super loved and welcome :)

These shots were taken during my last visit this summer before they moved to Japan. I’m missing them all like crazy but planning a visit to see them in Japan in 2016. Absolutely can’t wait!!!

Atlanta Family Photographer | Party of 5

Could this family be any more gorgeous!? I mean seriously…I feel like they were just begging to be photographed. Ha. So happy they chose me. :)




Atlanta Headshot Photographer | Anna Harriette

Oh how I love modeling/headshot sessions. Anna Harriette is gorgeous and had the cutest little personality to match. She was so excited for our shoot and was a TOTAL trooper – even in the  cold temperatures (this was shot in December – yes, I’m still behind on blogging).  We were having so much fun that we even went to dinner afterwards so it didn’t have to end! Good luck with everything Anna Harriette! I know you will do amazing things. :)

Atlanta (Buckhead) Children’s Photographer – DIA

Dia’s dad called me in March, the day after I had surgery to repair my wrist after the car wreck…I’m sure I was completely out of it and have no idea what I said to him. I was very surprised when I heard from him again a week later and he told me that they had definitely decided they wanted me as their photograph and would wait until I was well enough to shoot. How awesome is that?!

Our shoot finally took place at the end of May. I have to admit — I was nervous. It had been a long time since I had used my camera. Dia and I hit it off immediately and we had a blast! Dia’s parents set this session up as a special treat just for her – and she absolutely loved all the attention. As you can tell, the camera loved her right back!

Thanks for looking! :)



Atlanta (Johns Creek) Family Photographer

It’s been a long time since I last blogged — 3 months to be exact . On March 6, I was injured in a car wreck leaving me unable to do my work as a photographer.  I am finally starting to shoot again little by little and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things full time! Please contact me today if you would like to get on my calendar! I can’t wait to photograph your beautiful families! :)

These images were taken back in the Fall of 2013 and never shared. What a sweet, sweet family they were.  Mom told me prior to the shoot that the kids were pretty shy and she was interested to see how the shoot would go. Within 5 minutes they were warmed up to me and begging their parents to let me be their forever photographer. I love my job. :)

Atlanta Family Photographer | Sam + Etta

Oh how I just love this family. This was our 4th year together and I swear it just gets more and more enjoyable with each shoot.  Sam and Etta are two of the most charming, confident and personable children I know and their parents are pretty amazing as well! :) Thank you guysfor trusting me to capture the love you all have for one another. I can’t wait until next time! xo

Atlanta Family Photographer | Jackson + Mae

I’ve always said that if I ever have twins, I want them to be a boy/girl set. I mean, seriously, how cute are these two? I was having so much fun playing with them at the Botanical Gardens that I almost forgot what I was there to do! Ha!

I can’t wait until our next shoot this Fall – I just love hanging out with them! :)


Atlanta Children’s Photographer | James

It took little James a bit of time to warm up during our session…literally! This cutie recently moved here from California and wasn’t too thrilled with the blustery winter weather we were experiencing. Despite the chilly weather, I think we were able to capture some great shots of this adorable little red-head and his sweet parents. Thanks for coming to hang out guys…can’t wait to meet your upcoming addition soon!! :)

Atlanta Family Photographer | Gunnar and Roman

I have been photographing Gunnar every year since he was 4 years old ( he is almost 11!) and this time was especially exciting because I got to meet and photograph his new little brother, Roman, as well!! The love this family has for each other and especially for little Roman is palpable and so much fun to watch. I can’t wait until next time!!!

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