The Happy Traveler | Embracing the calm before the storm

My nearly two weeks in Tampa was filled with a lot of rainy days. This past Friday evening with the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac looming, Deb and I took the kids out for a little photo shoot down at the bay. I had planned on taking photos ON the beach so as soon as the kids jumped in the water I automatically put my camera down and assumed I was finished shooting. Deb, while in the water with her camera fully submerged and protected in its underwater housing, looked at me and said “What are you doing? Get your camera!” Since the conditions were just right, calm waters, photographers kids trained to understand what a sin splashing your camera truly is… I forged into the water (only about knee deep mind you because well, you know, sharks). 🙂 I am SO glad I did because just look at what I got!  The light was absolutely beautiful as you can see my models were absolutely stunning as well.  Every time I visit with this family I am amazed at how beautiful each and every one of them is, inside and out.

Also, keep visiting Deb’s blog for a post with her images from this day. I think it is really fun to see how differently 2 people can see the same thing. It just shows that everyone has their own perfectly unique view of the world. 🙂

Thank you again Schwedhelm’s. I love you guys oh so much and can’t wait until the next visit!!